Who we are

RPS is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation focusing on conservation of birds of prey and owls in wild nature, founded in 1974. The mission of RPS is to contribute to the conservation of biodiversity through protection of birds of prey, owls and their habitats. Over 200 members operate in the whole territory of Slovakia. Our main activities are:

  • Work in the field: monitoring of each birds of prey and owls species, its habitats and threating factors, guarding of endangered nests, reparation of destroyed nests and installation of new ones, other actions to eliminate the threating factors and its impacts.
  • Cooperation with Electric Companies to ensure the ecologisation of 22 kV and high-voltage power lines by using optimal technical solutions from 1980. These activities were and are part of several LIFE projects of our organisation.
  • Education of general public and groups of interest, participation on preparation of the legislation (Directions, Acts, Action plans, Conventions, Rural Develpoment Programme) and its implementation to ensure the conservation of biodiversity.
  • Cooperation with Ministry of environment and State Nature Conservancy.

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